Monday, March 7, 2011

Facebook Marketing Done Right!

I have taken my Real Assist QC business to the next level, and it happened almost by accident.  I started to study the psychology of Facebook.  I put up my own personal Facebook page, then my Business page.  I started to observe, participate, comment and understand the psyche of Facebook.  I saw the Social Network, I understand how the social and business aspects of Facebook tick.  I'm not an expert.  In fact to be an expert at Facebook, you would need to spend 24/7 on the site.  Why?  Because they are changing things practically hourly.  To keep up you need to spend a considerable amount of time in the help center and on the developers area. 

I find lots of Facebook pages that are violating the Facebook terms of service by posting commercial content on their personal page.  That is a big no-no and can get you bounced from Facebook altogether.  These are things that someone who specializes in Facebook can help with.  It's like someone trying to perform a do-it-yourself project that is way over their head.  It wastes time and can get you in trouble.

So I am finding a niche for Real Assist QC in helping people grow their business using Facebook Business pages.  I've invested in special software to enable me to create custom pages for clients, very custom pages.  In fact if you want to see some awesome custom fan pages look here, Stunning Fan Pages.  Its amazing what can be done.

If you don't have a Business Facebook page yet, you need to get it done NOW.  If you have one that you created yourself, you should have someone look it over for Facebook and advertising compliance, NOW.

Save yourself, act NOW!


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