Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Vigilance of Marketing

Vigilance, a word that you probably don't think applies to marketing.  When I think of vigilance my first thought was that it really has nothing to do with marketing.  Yet here I am blogging about it!
According to Webster here is the meaning and origin of vigilant:
vig·i·lant, adj \ˈvi-jə-lənt\
Definition of VIGILANT: alertly watchful especially to avoid danger   
Origin of VIGILANT
Middle English (Scots), from Latin vigilant-, vigilans, from present participle of vigilare to keep watch, stay awake, from vigil awake
Synonyms: Argus-eyed, attentive, awake, observant, open-eyed, tenty (also tentie) [Scottish], alert, watchful, wide-awake   Antonyms: asleep

Oh wow!  That is exactly what marketing is all about, being vigilant, keeping your eyes open, paying attention to what is going on, making sure you are watchful, observant to what is happening....exactly the things that you need to be when marketing. If you are not vigilant with your marketing plan, staying on top of current trends, making changes on the fly, being observant and open-eyed to what is going on in the marketing world, well...you are going to fall behind the crowd.  No, let me put it another way, if you are not completely on top of your marketing, the latest trends, social media marketing, e-mail marketing....you are, as they say...TOAST.   Forgetaboutit. 

Ok so you ask, what made me think about vigilance?  I confess, its the Eagle cam.  I'm hooked on watching the vigilance of mom and pop eagle who are getting ready to hatch 3 eggs in Decorah, Iowa. I've been observing their careful watch over the nest, keeping those eggs warm, keeping a vigilant watch over their nest.  Protecting their turf from predators.  It is absolutely amazing how they make sure that those eggs stay safe....get it?

Want to watch the Eagles?


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