Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

I've seen a lot of chatter on Facebook today about President's Day.  Some wanted to know why they had to work while others got the day off, some wanted to know my favorite President and some just chatted about Presidents in general. Congress takes an entire week off to celebrate our Presidents.  So here is my take on President's Day. 

You are the President of yourself.  You have total control over you.   I know it may not seem like that at times.  It may seem like everyone else is in control BUT you.  But the truth is you are the only one who has say over how you run your life.   Your choices, happy, grumpy, honest, evil, sad, excited, productive, critical, encouraging, nurturing and on...are your choices alone.  As President of yourself you need to take a look at your day and make some decisions.  Plan a head a little and those decisions will be easier to make.  Just like great Presidents, surrounding yourself with a great support team, will make you an effective President.  Presidents know that they don't act in a bubble, that then need a strong following to make an impact and to do their jobs well. 

Author Hugh MacLeod in his new book, Evil Plans, "You don't need need to act." 

So if you are the President of YOU, inc. how do you want to act?

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