Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Vigilance of Marketing

Vigilance, a word that you probably don't think applies to marketing.  When I think of vigilance my first thought was that it really has nothing to do with marketing.  Yet here I am blogging about it!
According to Webster here is the meaning and origin of vigilant:
vig·i·lant, adj \ˈvi-jə-lənt\
Definition of VIGILANT: alertly watchful especially to avoid danger   
Origin of VIGILANT
Middle English (Scots), from Latin vigilant-, vigilans, from present participle of vigilare to keep watch, stay awake, from vigil awake
Synonyms: Argus-eyed, attentive, awake, observant, open-eyed, tenty (also tentie) [Scottish], alert, watchful, wide-awake   Antonyms: asleep

Oh wow!  That is exactly what marketing is all about, being vigilant, keeping your eyes open, paying attention to what is going on, making sure you are watchful, observant to what is happening....exactly the things that you need to be when marketing. If you are not vigilant with your marketing plan, staying on top of current trends, making changes on the fly, being observant and open-eyed to what is going on in the marketing world, well...you are going to fall behind the crowd.  No, let me put it another way, if you are not completely on top of your marketing, the latest trends, social media marketing, e-mail marketing....you are, as they say...TOAST.   Forgetaboutit. 

Ok so you ask, what made me think about vigilance?  I confess, its the Eagle cam.  I'm hooked on watching the vigilance of mom and pop eagle who are getting ready to hatch 3 eggs in Decorah, Iowa. I've been observing their careful watch over the nest, keeping those eggs warm, keeping a vigilant watch over their nest.  Protecting their turf from predators.  It is absolutely amazing how they make sure that those eggs stay safe....get it?

Want to watch the Eagles?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Basketball and Marketing

I admit that I am not very knowledgeable on all the March madness hoopla.  It sounds like fun, but its just not something I've ever participated in.  I did get to thinking about basketball and marketing, I do this because I am constantly thinking about marketing! 

So back to the similarities between a talented basketball team and coach and marketing. 

Both are always anticipating the the opposing team's next move.  In marketing, like basketball, you have to keep your eye focused on the next play, the next twist, the next goal.

In marketing, like basketball, your strategy is key to your success.  A great game plan will take you far, and hopefully into the winning bracket.

In marketing, like basketball, you must be able to adjust your game plan on a moment's notice.  If your opponent pulls a fast one on you, you have to be ready to respond and out-maneuver them.

In marketing, like basketball, you need a great coach.  Your coach will lead you down the winning path.

In marketing, like basketball, you are not going to win them all.  You have to be able to bounce back, get up, dust yourself off, put a band-aide on the wound and keep playing.  Quitting is not an option.

In marketing, like basketball, using all the members of your team will help you win the game.  Trying to make all the points yourself will only wear you out, and your team mates will no longer be engaged in the game. 

In marketing, like basketball, you will commit a foul every now and then.  When you do you have to learn from your mistakes and try not to make it again.

In marketing, like basketball, the printed program or posters are good for promotion, but the real promotion will come with your following when you win games.

In marketing, like basketball, you have to play to your strengths.  Using all your resources is important, because resources that are unused are a waste of time and talent.

In marketing, like basketball, you need to expect the unexpected.  Things are going to happen that you never wee able to anticipate, no matter how wild the game gets, adapt and roll with it.

I could probably go on like this all day...but then if I do, I won't win today's game!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Facebook Marketing Done Right!

I have taken my Real Assist QC business to the next level, and it happened almost by accident.  I started to study the psychology of Facebook.  I put up my own personal Facebook page, then my Business page.  I started to observe, participate, comment and understand the psyche of Facebook.  I saw the Social Network, I understand how the social and business aspects of Facebook tick.  I'm not an expert.  In fact to be an expert at Facebook, you would need to spend 24/7 on the site.  Why?  Because they are changing things practically hourly.  To keep up you need to spend a considerable amount of time in the help center and on the developers area. 

I find lots of Facebook pages that are violating the Facebook terms of service by posting commercial content on their personal page.  That is a big no-no and can get you bounced from Facebook altogether.  These are things that someone who specializes in Facebook can help with.  It's like someone trying to perform a do-it-yourself project that is way over their head.  It wastes time and can get you in trouble.

So I am finding a niche for Real Assist QC in helping people grow their business using Facebook Business pages.  I've invested in special software to enable me to create custom pages for clients, very custom pages.  In fact if you want to see some awesome custom fan pages look here, Stunning Fan Pages.  Its amazing what can be done.

If you don't have a Business Facebook page yet, you need to get it done NOW.  If you have one that you created yourself, you should have someone look it over for Facebook and advertising compliance, NOW.

Save yourself, act NOW!