Sunday, May 22, 2011

What's GaGa Got?

First Kiss, then Twisted Sister, now Lady GaGa.  What do they have that others do not?

They are master marketers.  Everything they do screams of marketing.  They are smart people, very, very smart people.  They understand the need for differentiation, they understand the need for promotion, they get that its not all about the music.

Another thing that they have in common is the ability to surround themselves with raving fans and great staff members.  Lady GaGa was on the Tonight Show a while back and she told Jay they she once changed an entire entrance scene just hours before it was to happen.  She said her staff looked at her like she was crazy, then went to work to make it happen.  And they succeeded.  They believe in her and they understand their job is to make her look good.

Lady GaGa gets it, she REALLY gets it.  She knows that the hype is part of her culture and she knows what her fans expect of her and she will NOT disappoint them.  She knows that marketing her persona is essential to her success.  She takes chances and she stands on her morals, and she does not care what anybody thinks, period.

On that same Tonight show, she was the highlight guest.  When the other guest (can't remember) who it was, was introduced and sat down, she was gracious and accepting.  In fact, unlike other Leno guests, she entered the conversation with both Jay and the guest, which is atypical of Jay's traditional line up.  Usually the first guest sits in silence...but not GaGa.  She participated in the conversation, contributed to a great discussion and it made for a good show.

She is smart, highly intelligent, so much so that as I listen to her I am in awe of her intelligence and depth of knowledge on various subjects.  She gets it.  Her actual singing is beautiful and the lyrics are incredible.  Listening to her is a huge experience in emotion and truth.   Her songs resonate her tender and caring personality.

Is it her talent for marketing or is it her singing and songwriting talent that impress you the most?  Or are they one in the same? Can they be separated and can she still be successful if she quits using her costuming talent?

What have you done to market your business like GaGa, or was she just Born This Way?

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