Monday, May 9, 2011

Does Facebook Have a Personality?

I like Facebook. Part of my business at Real Assist QC is creating business for my clients through Facebook.  But I have a small problem, question really, does Facebook have a personality?

Lately I have observed people becoming very ultra sensitive on Facebook, on their personal pages. I've observed arguments on Facebook.  Okay,  now I understand that we all have different personalities and we are all entitled to our opinions, after all it is part of our Constitution, but come on people, don't be so sensitive on Facebook.  If just one tiny comment gets someone's undies in a bunch, they let loose on the commenter.  They do this even when the writer was obviously kidding or joking around.  But then remember, someone else's joke is not necessarily someone elses' idea of a joke. 

Last week I read a discussion thread that was just outrageous.  It really cut pretty deeply to the person whose page it was on.  Finally the page owner intervened in the argument and put a stop to the ridiculous conversation.

Remember when you are posting on Facebook, that Facebook does not have a personality, you do.

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