Thursday, December 9, 2010

Preparation, forward thinking and plan B

Right now everyone is doing the Holiday hustle.  Last weekend I traveled to Chicago on a shopping bus.  Our destination was The Magnificent Mile. I love everything about Chicago, having lived there for 5 years, I really enjoy the city.  That being said, I hate cold weather... so I was a little hesitant, I wanted to go to Chicago, but I did not want to freeze!  My friends and I decided that just in case it was really cold that we make some 'inside' plans.  We decided to go to a play, Miracle on 34th Street.  It was a great decision.

We were dropped off and walked the few blocks to Watertower to do a little shopping before the play.  As we did, the snow softly, yet steadily fell upon the City.  It was beautiful, in fact, almost breathtaking.  There were people, lots of people, yet everyone seemed to be in a good spirits.  The Salvation Army bell ringers were doing a great job engaging people for donations by shouting out Holiday Wishes.  The lights were beautiful and the decorations complimented the lights perfectly.  We had a great time, we got absolutely soaked with snow flakes, so much so that I had to use the heater in the hallway at Watertower to dry my hair.  (I got a few odd looks from people for doing that)

The cab ride to the play, as cab rides usually are, was wild and I grabbed the safety bar more than once.  The play was great.  It was in a little, intimate theater that shared space with 3 other stages under the same roof. It was located in the Belmont theater area, very progressive and a little eclectic.  Most of the cast members played more than one part.  I have never see the movie or play before.  It was awesome.

After the play we headed back toward our bus pick up spot.  We never got cold, we did get wet, but we had a great time.  We had a plan and we stuck to it.  We wanted to make sure and have shopping time, yet have a plan to be inside in case it was too cold for us.

Its hard to think about business at this time of year.  But we have to look ahead and prepare.  Make a plan and have that plan in place and be ready to hit the road running on Jan 1.  If, after a few weeks the plan needs revision or you need to make revisions to the plan, be ready to do that.  Even if you have to scrap it all together in order to change with the economy or business levels, then have Plan B waiting in the wings.

Just like taking a day to shop and having a plan in place to make it a great day, so must you have marketing plans that will allow you to change those plans if need be.

Are you prepared?

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