Monday, December 6, 2010

Marketing plan 2011

Have you prepared your business plan for 2011?  Its time, in fact its probably about 2 months past time.  I believe though that it is never too late to start to do something good for yourself.

So that being said, here are some tips to create a very basic business plan for 2011.

First define your ideal customer.  Be specific, paint a good picture of this customer, make a profile that you can relate to about this customer and make sure you fully understand them.

Second, identify how you will connect with your ideal customer.  What methods will you use to gather new clients?  What will you need to do or to learn to grow your ideal customer base?

What problems do you intend to solve for your customers?  What is unique about you and how you plan to solve the customer's problem?  How are you going to show them that you are the person to help them?

What tools, programs, assistance or education to you need to accomplish solving your customers problems in 2011?  How has that changed from 2010?

Who will you need to employ, partner with or engage the services of in order to connect with your clients?

What expenses will be involved in employing these people or services?

How are you going to execute on your plan?  Who is going to do the work, in other words, are the right people on board and is the plan going in the right direction. (that direction is forward!)

What do you need to worry about?  Who is your biggest threat and how can you plow ahead of that threat?

What steps do you need to take to carry this plan forward?  Be specific, list the steps.

How are you going to measure your success?  Again, be specific.

Get your plan in motion.  That does NOT mean post it in your office and hope that happens.  That means place action steps ON YOUR CALENDAR.  Put aside time to implement those steps and get it moving today.  Not next week, next year or even the first of Start the forward motion, NOW!

You and only you can follow through.  Now the good news is you have resources, find them and use them!  Don't feel overwhelmed, you can seek help and maximize your talent by employing those that can assist you with your plan.  But the best thing you can do is to begin the movement.

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