Sunday, November 28, 2010

Something Unexpected..the Nature Story Continues

This beautiful Sunday morning I was again staring at my bird and animal feeder and being entertained by the squirrels and birds.  Then something unexpected happened..something I never thought would happen...down swooped a huge, and I don't mean a large bird, I mean HUGE, Hawk.  Ah, something I did not figure into the hierarchy of the animal feeder.

But I guess it should not be a huge surprise, for in every situation there is the unexpected.  Just when the feeder is serving the other animals in harmony, in swoops a bigger to take charge.  Wow,  it so surprised me and the squirrels too I think.  But it should not have surprised me so much.  Just as in nature and in business, there is always the next competitor waiting in the 'wings' to take over.  That is why it is so important to know your feeder, if you will.  You have to know everything about your feeder.  How it works, how it acts, when it needs fed, when it needs water, when it needs your attention, when it needs your tender loving care and when it is working just fine.

Mastering these anticipatory actions, you will never be surprised when the larger, more powerful predator swoops in and tries to take over.  With your preparation you will be ready for the invasion and you will be able to out-smart the pesky Hawk.

Be ready for the Hawk.

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